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Various Ways To Straighten Your Teeth

Crooked teeth and a misaligned bite have terrible effects on your oral health. Pressure points build in the jaw and mouth, causing undue wear and tear on certain teeth. That causes chipped and broken teeth, which can result in cavities, root canal work, or loss of the tooth. Cleaning teeth is more difficult when they are crooked. You are unable to reach in between teeth and get to the bottom where the gum meets the tooth. Decay begins, gum disease is possible, and bad breath becomes a problem.

An get the facts straight about braces can help by straightening your teeth and correcting any misalignment to your jaw or bite. Straight teeth mean more than a great smile, they mean better oral hygiene and fewer problems in the future. You have options when it comes to methods of straightening your teeth, depending on the issue. Traditional braces utilize brackets that are affixed directly to your teeth, and wires or elastics are applied to the brackets to gently them to the proper place. These braces come in metal, plastic, or ceramic. There is also a type of braces called lingual, which uses brackets attached to the back of the teeth so they are hidden from view.

Clear aligners are a series of molded aligners that you wear for two to three weeks at a time. After one mold is worn, you go to the next mold until you have worn the complete set and your teeth are straight. Headgear is sometimes used to create external force to guide the growth of the face and the jaw. This is removable and only effective when worn following specific instructions. Retainers can also help keep teeth aligned in minor cases when braces are not necessary. Treatment centers and dentists offices, such as Braces R Us, for example, can provide you with a complete rundown of all your options.

Once adults, some patients wonder How Straight Will Improve Your Overall Happines. Well, straight teeth do boost confidence and self esteem. Straight teeth also help you bite, chew and speak better. You are able to properly clean your teeth to avoid cavities, decay and gum problems later on in life, saving you time and money. A more confident smile helps with career advancement, which could lead to a higher salary and better health benefits. Your will be able to eventually retire with less worries. Your smile is the first thing people notice when meeting you, and it creates a lasting impression.